Your safety – our environment

Målmarks is the company behind the Never Stop brand. Målmarks is a Swedish family business with production and wholesale operations. Målmarks is the market leader in Scandinavia when it comes to petrol cans. We are also one of the largest fuel can manufactures in Europe. Nothing has happened by chance.

Thanks to our own production, we have both insight and control, which ensures quality. Our factory in Hungary is certified according to ISO 14001, a standard for working to reduce environmental impact.


Fuel is dangerous! Incorrect storage and handling can have devastating consequences. It is thus extremely important that such products are made to the highest safety standards. Our fuel containers in plastic are manufactured with high density polyethylene. An important detail is that both caps and spouts are fitted with petrol resistant rubber gasket, a rather unusual praxis in some markets.. It minimizes the gasoline vapours released by the can. The cans are certified with the highest standards.

Our steel cans have the lowest emission of hydrocarbons, known as the Classic Can it offers a ten-year material warranty. These cans are the safest and most environmentally friendly option within our range.

Highest safety standards

According to current (UN approval in accordance with ADR and Transport of Dangerous Goods), the lifetime of all plastic petrol cans, regardless of manufacturer, is 5 years after the date of manufacture. The shelf life is set to avoid environmental and material damage. Over time, the plastic loses its original properties, which increases the emission of gasoline vapors through the material. For us, it is extremely important that our fuel cans meet the highest safety standards. Never Stop has a 5-year material guarantee from the date of manufacture on our cans. A plastic can is a safety product and must be handled with care.

5-year material guarantee

Why plastic?

In our production, we use high-density polyethylene, HDPE plastic. Positive qualities of HDPE are that it is possible to get food approved, has very low moisture absorption and very good chemical resistance. Another advantage of plastic is that it is a material that can be recycled very well, either for new products or for energy and heat.

In addition, HDPE is very suitable for blow molding. In our factory in Hungary, we are experts in blow molding, which is a technology that can be compared to glass blowing. Plastic is also a light material, compared to other materials, which reduces emissions during transport.

Full charge

Our product range is being expanded and updated continuously to meet the needs of retailers and end consumers. Since 2021, Målmarks has an exciting project together with Charge Amps for electric car charging in Brazil.

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